Books authored by Lakshmi Vishwanthan
Bharatanatyam - the Tamil heritage
Kunjamma Ode to a Nightingale-biography of Bharath Ratna M.S.
Kapaliswara Temple and
Women of Pride - the Devadasi heritage

Lakshmi's earliest research project was the Temple Dance of Tamil Nadu. She received a junior fellowship from Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India, and used her study and field work to bring out the book "Bharatanatyam the Tamil Heritage" in 1984. This is the only book to put the dance of Tamil Nadu in its historic and socio-cultural perspective. The book continues to be in demand.

Lakshmi received a senior fellowship to study "Comparative Abhinaya" in 1987. This study made a great impact on her new repertoire and her choreographic works of the decade.

The third research fellowship which Lakshmi received was for: "Ramayana in Performance in India and South east Asia". Lakshmi prepared a voluminous illustrated report after detailed observation and study of texts used in Ramayana shows in India and countries like Java, Bali, Thailand and Cambodia.

Roli Books, New Delhi commissioned Lakshmi to write a biography of Bharath Ratna M.S.Subbulakshmi. This was the first book on the great vocalist, designed as a tribute to the icon of Karnatic music, with more than a hundred photographs from her own album. Published during the life-time of M.S., the book took her by surprise and delighted her. Lakshmi received her affectionate blessings. With a fitting title - "Kunjamma-Ode to a Nightingale", this book published in 2003, continues to be a best-seller.

In 2006, Lakshmi authored the colourfully illustrated book "Kapaliswara Temple - the sacred site of Mylapore". A highly popular subject which Lakshmi has handled with great depth of knowledge. This book also is a best seller.

In 2008, Lakshmi released her latest book "Women of Pride - the Devadasi Heritage" (Roli Books). An instant best-seller, this book has appealed across the board to people from all walks of life. It is now in it's third reprint and as a paperback version.

Lakshmi is a well known writer whose articles on Dance, Music and the Arts are widely read. She is a long-time writer featured in The Hindu, one of India's national newspapers. She has also contributed to the Times of India, Indian Express and India Today. She started her writing for the Madras based magazine - Aside, as early as the seventies. Lakshmi has also contributed to the Journal of the Music Academy, Kalakshetra Quarterly,  Narthanam, and various other arts journals in India and abroad. She also has a widely read column - Seen and Heard by Lakshmi Vishwanathan in Narthaki online, a popular dance portal.

Currently Lakshmi Vishwanathan is the editor of the Kalakshetra Journal, which was originally published by the founder Rukmini Devi.
The Journal publishes articles and essays on Dance, Music, Sculpture, Painting, Art history, and aesthetics. The first two issues of the Journal published in 2014 feature eminent scholars like: Dr. Anila Verghese, Dr. Amrit Srinivasan, Dr. Anna Della Piccola, Lakshmi Vishwanathan, Ludwig Pesch, and others. Writers contributing to the forthcoming issues include Michael Wood, Dr.Anne Marie Gaston, B.M.Sundaram and others. The Journal is a flagship publication of the institution and has been well received. Lakshmi' s role as editor has been widely appreciated.

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